I’m here now.

After much deliberation, and encouragement from a few good friends, I’ve started a blog. This is actually my second ‘blog’ (third if you count the MySpace blog section…), because I felt that no one wanted to hear my thoughts on things with the first one… but this one is more for my own expression and understanding and refining of my own thought process. So in all honesty, I could care less how many views/viewers this gets because it’s for meeeeee.

I don’t think this will be a post-per-day thing, but this is now, and who knows what this will turn into later. For now I know I’ll post when I’m in deep thought about ideas and concepts present in any and everything. And whenever else I feel like it.

Two things though. I do think I’m funny, so fuck you if you can’t take a joke. (!!!) Also, I love music. And witty things. What what.



One comment

  1. I think your funny and Im looking forward to all the witty things you have to say! And look out for my obnoxious comments 🙂 wink!

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