…Our Paths Are Already Set in Stone.

This is the passage that inspired the previous post. I’m highly interested in motivation and living a life guided by your dreams, especially if those dreams deviate from the typical mold created by society. I think that most people try to live that life simply because they want the spoils of its (unguaranteed) success, and others feel that this type of life is a result of them following their heart.

“Long before we know ourselves, our paths are already set in stone. Some may never figure out their purpose in life, and some will. There are a lot of us who are caught up in this hell we all live in, content with being blinded by rules and judgment. We live in a world where it’s more okay to follow than to lead. In this world being a leader is trouble for the system we are all accustomed to. Being a leader in this day and age is being a THREAT. Not many people stood up against the system we all call life…”

-Lonnie Rashied Lynn, Jr.



  1. ::snaps fingers:: I do believe our lives are set in stone. That things are predestined, so to speak. Somethings though, people are to caught up in trivial details to actually see the main idea. & what I mean by that is that some road block may occur on the path to our dreams & we just stop completely.. not knowing that beyond that road block was everything you wanted… my two sense.

    1. I feel like that now. There’s this pause in things that’s giving me a huge feeling of stagnancy right now and I’m usually the most patient person, but my nerves are getting bad and I’m ready to just look for an alternative route. I’m trying to hold steady though…

  2. When I read this is spoke to me prob because I feel so uncertain of many things, my future being one, and when I say uncertain I mean where exactly will I be in the next 10 years and how will I be of use? I think in growing especially in the new age that we are growing everything is moving so fast that we don’t even take the time out to question anything. Why do I want this job? Why do I want this career? The funny old saying “What’s my motivation” for the most part people don’t really have a genuine one besides “It makes me money.” But if you have a destiny or a set of gifts and you spend your entire life chasing money and fame or whatever material satisfaction then, How were we useful to the world with our talents? It one of those things that I am going back and forth with and have been going back and forth with, I don’t want to do something that is a direct conflict to what I am destined to do, I do believe that we are all placed on this earth to make it better, to inspire, to give hope, and above all to be happy. Just my thoughts (Jay Z voice)

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