It’s very easy to say what you’re going to do and what you think you’d do, and what would sound best to do in a given situation that hasn’t occurred yet. You can say, “Well I know myself and I know what I’d do, I’d blah blah blah…”. But until you come to that bridge, you’ll never know how that idea to cross it is going to work. Ideally you’d like to stick to that perfect plan. But that plan will inevitably fall apart when the time comes. This concept is applicable to anything in life, I think.

When you actually are met with this conflict, you are faced with two realities. The reality that you can create for yourself (insofar as to not fabricate a reality that would be silly to attempt to create…this is also known as your plan), and the reality naturally created by said conflict. There will be a very vicious brawl between the two. The reality that is predicted to prevail is the naturally created one, because it accurate reflects the feelings that the mind allows the heart to use to control you. If you feel like you should be depressed, it will be easy to become depressed. And it just may take over from time to time. But you must remember to stick to your plan, stick to the reality that you need to create to stay sane and actively avoid the perils of the reality that is easiest created. You would do well to be an active participant in this struggle. And to realize that you have more control over your own feelings than you’d like to believe.

You are who you say you are, as long as you BE that person too.


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