Working with the Four A’s here…

Acknowledgment. Apology. Amendment. Atonement.

I better understood the placement of these words in the concept of good humanity when I broke them down to the four R’s:

Recognition. Reconciliation. Repair. Restoration.

These are the ingredients to good humanity, according to Lonnie “Pops” Lynn.

From my perspective, the point of this concept is to ensure that there is a positive outcome in a person or people’s lives, and that the positive vibes carries them forward.

I had a huge idea for this post, but it withered away as I started to write it. I’d actually like to hear YOUR thoughts on this… Please and thanks!


One comment

  1. Hmmm… interesting! From my experience these words must go in order.. whether you are using the 4 A’s or the 4 R’s. When you ignore things like Acknowledgement and Apology but you expect Amendment and Atonement, you make the same mistakes time and time again.

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