Untitled #1

Forgot that I wrote this, I think one night last summer. I have to say that I’m not into titling poems…here’s the first one I’m posting. Work #1.

You’re drowning
You can breathe perfectly fine
But you’re drowning
You’re drowning in a sea of mechanical calamity
Inescapable constant arguing and endless chatter
A/Cs yelling at window fans,
Engines bitching at transmissions
Tires sparring with manhole covers
20,000 leagues of audible exchanges
With no sign of serene shore in sight
You’ve got Apples in your hands
And Blackberries in your pocket
But you’re starving.
So now you’re drowning and starving.
Gasps aren’t for air, but for silence
Your stomach pains for peace, not hunger
Hope soon comes in the form of night,
And suddenly you feel at ease.
The arguments adjudicated,
The chatter calmed and the fights fazed.
Night air first brings buoyant noiselessness
Then sating placidity
Such that you wonder how one could tolerate
The constant state of suffocation and malnutrition
Unable to breathe clean silence
Or ingest pure tranquility
When it’s all birthed from a simple sunset
And as accessible as a moonlight glance

– B.


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