American Terrorist II?

Where is ‘Amercan Terrorist II’?

It may or may not exist, but what happened between the first iteration and the current song, released today, may be entirely too chaotic to even fit in just one track.

What happened in the first song, found on Lupe Fiasco‘s first album, highlights how the United States government (as a national source of governance and an international superpower) has, over the years, been a terrorist of sorts towards many different groups of people within, and without the country. It behaved as if there would be no consequences to its actions. Being as large and as influential as the U.S. government is, it’s not hard to figure out why it’d be fearless in its maneuvers.

But this word ‘fear’ plays a large part in everything here.

The definition of the word ‘terrorist’ at its core is to instill fear in those on the receiving end, with the purpose of invoking an action.

In the song released today, there has been a terrorist act committed by an anti-war Marine after experiencing a combination of a series of tragic events and feelings of blatant neglect; all stemming from the actions of country he fought for. Focusing on the word ‘terrorist’ again here, the point of the “violent and bloodless” attack was to make the powers that be fearful of the people again. To coerce them to correct the state of the union as it stands and make them realize that we still have the power to make government realize who is really in charge.

The beautiful irony here is that now, a tool that this nation used to end up becoming known as American terrorists has now become a terrorist of America.


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  1. I do appreciate Lupe Fiasco’s music, I just feel like he can be a contrarian just for the sake of it. Like calling Obama a terrorist because of the war in Iraq/Afghanistan. Unfortunately, war is apart of life and Obama didn’t start the war, must he must finish it. Just as you can’t have good without bad, there would be no peace without war (In the definitive). I do agree that the United States had blood on their hands and that we need to regain control of our gov’t. I also agree that our society is controlled by fear–it is very evident by the way the news is broadcasted. I think the Occupy movement however, might be putting fear in the other direction. We shall see. Great read.

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