How Will You Leave Here?

One indisputable fact of life that will forever hold true is that everyone was put here for a reason. There is an impact that you are supposed to leave on this planet and any number of people who reside here. A caveat here is that the impact you leave may not be intentional, but it damn sure is meant to be positive.

Even in your hardships.

I think we can agree that there is a positive lesson for someone in everything. There are lessons in avoiding hardship, how you deal with hardships and even how people see you deal with your hardships.

You may never know, but someone seeing you being unbelievably resilient and strong in a situation of adversity may very well turn their life upside down for the better, and empower them to progress. Positivity is contagious and you never know how it’ll affect your day or someone else’s until you catch and spread it.

So, I encourage you to get sick with positivity! Cough on the next stranger you see!

I mean, well, not… JUST GO BE GREAT!

Make sure that you leave something that’s… genuinely good. Unsolicited goodness is always remembered.



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