Paradigm Shift

I’m reading a book called Do The Work by Steven Pressfield and my whole shit has been flipped. Things have been explained and outlined so clearly that I’m not even sure what to do with myself as of this immediate point in time. This one numb yet empowering feeling IS unmistakable though. I want to take over some or all parts of the world.

I’m not even halfway through this book yet, and it has already made me realize that I’ve not had a SINGLE thought of my own yet. Everything I’ve lived off of, grown off of, decided off of and planned off of has, for the most part, NOT been my own idea. They’ve been slight variations of other people’s ideas. Not to say that it’s a bad thing, but even the positive and progress-inducing books that I have read and absorbed have influenced a path that is not completely my own. Don’t get me wrong, There ARE elements of my own passion and heart in these ideas, but there’s also some not-mineness floating around there. The kind  that makes it easy to give up on those ideas.

I’d like to blame it on whatever I’ve been missing that this book is currently reinstating. I think it’s clarity. I also blame it on myself, and the fact that my true course of thinking was buried by years of thinking for theoretical testing and no practical doing. Many people call this ‘school’. So maybe it’s not really my fault.

I always like to describe myself as a ‘free’ thinker, but the more I read and absorb and process, the more I find that this not could be farther from the truth. I guess the only real free thing about my thinking is that I’ve always been one to inquire and search. I’ve always been skeptical. Regardless of how true anyone believed something to be, I’ve always been to the one to question its veracity.

You tell me the sky is blue, and I’ll look up, take a picture and check the encyclopedia of colors to ensures that whatever color in the picture is considered a shade of blue.

Then I’d retort with, “Eh, close enough.”

And I’m thankful for that. I honestly don’t think I’d be the person I am today without that. And I’m thankful that we all have this ability. We all may not have this predisposition to verify information, or search for the ‘truth’ as some people so affectionately call it, but we all have the potential to learn more than what we were taught that we only were supposed to learn.

If that makes sense.

But I really find truth in the words of Mr. Steve Jobs when he told those Stanford graduates to stay hungry and foolish.

Never put an end to your curiosity and quest for truth. And stay foolish enough to not believe what you’ve been essentially brainwashed into thinking. Behave as if you were a child and be foolish enough to believe the unbelievable.


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