Hard Work is a Selfish, Boring Person

Why else would it take so long for it to meet up with Luck to create what we call Success?

I bet Hard Work doesn’t even have a pick up line. How could it? I mean, it doesn’t even shave. Hell, it barely showers! He just moseys along, doing his own thing. Ridiculously scruffy and musty. No wonder no one wants to deal with Hard Work! He wreaks of determination and dedication. (An admirable characteristic, if we’re completely honest.)

All along, ironically, Luck finds Hard work insanely attractive, but is still too shy to even make herself known to Hard Work.

However, Luck may flirt with Hard Work a little, floating elusively and having quick little daydreams of what the fruits of a real relationship with Hard Work is like.

Small Successes, if you will. Cute little things, really.

Hard Work will, eventually, notice the positive vibes Luck brings when she’s around and begin to flirt back, adding to the amount of Small Successes that pop up.

Few realize that over time, Hard Work, being the selfish person it is, will actually want some real Success all to himself. To have and to hold and to claim as rightfully his, as most men and women alike, want. This is also exactly what Luck wanted, so this is just a dream coming to fruition, benefiting both Luck and Hard Work.

Only then will it be clear that Hard Work isn’t that bad of a guy after all. He just wants something to call his own, to say he made something of himself. Just like the rest of us.

But what if that one Success isn’t enough…?



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