Something’s Changed

Something happened.

I used to have these dreams periodically where I’d get into a confrontation with one or more people. They’d turn into a rather large fight or brawl, except for one small detail.

I would never be able to land a punch. Like, NEVER. No matter how hard I’d swing, absolutely nothing would connect. It wasn’t that my accuracy was off or anything, it was more of a force of some sort holding my arm back just inches before impact.

It felt like someone or something within myself was holding me back from inflicting any damage on my target. This had been going for as long as I could remember, for years. Not that I dream about fights often, but this was the case in such dreams.

Admittedly, this was frustrating as hell. Mostly because I’m not the person who’d fake a punch. That just sounds ridiculous.

But then, something happened.

Maybe a week ago is when I had a dream where a blow of mine had connected. I’m pretty sure it was an exhilarating feeling, if I remember correctly. I never fully remember dreams. But something felt…complete about that dream. Like something in my mind or heart or soul had finally allowed me to follow through with what I started. I’m not sure if that’s what it really means, but it makes for good writing, haha.

I do know that something more…tangible, has shifted, though.


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