Good Bait, Bad Hook

Having a conversation with a good friend about men and women and different issues that arise, the question came up about why ‘pretty girls’ have problems with keeping ‘quality guys’. Guys they actually like but for some odd reason are unable to keep them. They just don’t stick around. Mind you, this is without any sexual contact.

Now, being a rather picky ‘good guy’, my theory was this: The these attractive women have very attractive bait, but dull hooks. It’s a bit self-explanatory, but it essentially means that beauty the guy comes into contact with, or the bait, is enough to attract him, but because OF the bait you cannot see the quality or condition of the hook. If you think about how a fisherman baits his hooks, the worm is usually placed over the hook, making it invisible to the intended target. Following this concept, the guy will never know if he’ll be intrigued further until he gets past the beauty.

But therein lies the problem.

Some of these women may not realize that the quality of their hook should meet or exceed the quality of the bait. It kind of sucks in a way, but if you’re an absolutely stunning woman, you have no other choice than for your personality to be on par with your beauty, or you will seem devoid of substance…to the guys who actually care about more than sexual gains. That’s not to say that all overly attractive women don’t have great personalities, but for those who don’t it will be a glaring difference between what’s expected, with respect to personality, and what’s actually present.

So, my advice is, if you’ve been having this problem at disproportionate rates, sharpen your hooks, ladies.


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