Battle Studies

The heart and mind fight a lot. Mostly because they tend to have very different goals. The heart tends to just want to be happy. The mind tends to just want to be logical.

The real conflict develops because the heart and mind have the same owner. So when the heart wants one thing or feels a certain way, the mind is constantly trying to explain why it should not feel that way or want that thing. The core reason being, it doesn’t make sense. It’s not logical. But all YOU feel is a frustrating sensation of “WTF!?”. I know we can all recall a time where logic clashed with the possibility of love. Whether it’s been for a person or a thing, we’ve been there. The mind even goes so far as to even develop a wave of guilt to deter your heart from getting its way. You know that feeling too, it’s when stupid questions pop into your head that weren’t factor a day ago… hell, even a MINUTE ago. But they make you start thinking as if your heart isn’t even a contender in this bout. Thoughts pop up out of nowhere. You feel stupid for feeling however you were feeling.

You also feel like you’re annoying people after you’ve had more than one conversation with friends about it, and have ‘settled’ the fight, but you still want to talk to them about it. Your heart actually gets to overpower your mind for a short time, and you suddenly have a new angle and perspective to throw into a new conversation! It’s a lovely cycle. Sound like tons of fun, huh?

It’s absolute torture. All the while this battle still rages on.

However, there comes a point when an air of clarity arises within you, and you realize how annoying you’ve been to yourself and your friends. Things get very bittersweet. And depending on the severity of the fight, a deep sadness washes over you. You start to let your heart concede defeat, despite still having an overwhelmingly strong feeling that your heart isn’t a complete idiot. At least not this time. There has to be a reason why your heart is so adamant. But what can you do, right?

Most would argue that it’s better to just wait it out, see what happens.

That makes sense, it’s logical, right? But, see how the mind overpowers and makes itself relevant again so easily?

The other question is, who’s right? That depends on which part you tend to listen to more often. Some people live by logic, others live by intuition. Certain things work for certain type of people. Neither way is wrong, technically, but knowing which you tend to follow will help you understand which part of you tends to win these battles.

I’ll have you know, though, that you should always trust your heart. Don’t debate me on this!



  1. Interesting post. Although they always seem to work against eachother, you can usually tell which one you need to listen to at that particular time.

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