The Taps on Your Shoulder

Sometimes when we’re navigating thorough life, the skies get a bit cloudy, and we start to lose ourselves. Asking questions because we feel lost, trying things that we’re not necessarily cut out for, all just to straighten out that winding road of uncertainty. It’s an annoying road to travel, and, admittedly, it’s about as fun as chewing on pebbles. We pray to whatever higher power we believe in, to provide some sort of clarity in where and when to get off this path, and blaze one of our own… but for some reason we seem to not get any answers.

…or are we? Are were really picking up on what’s being said to us?

We say that we’re listening, but what are we listening for, honestly? Some of us will say that we’re listening for anything that’s gonna help us make that step forward, which may be true on the surface. But in reality, what we’re listening for is something that aligns with what we’ve been trying to force upon ourselves, and, coincidentally, ignoring everything else. Not an entirely productive practice, this.

If you’ve been thinking, “I’m a really really good driver,” but you’re continually getting into accidents, something’s clearly a bit off there. You’re missing something. If you’ve been telling yourself, “I’m a singer, I’m a singer, I’m a singer,” but people rant and rave much more about your wrap dress designs than your high notes, again, you’re missing something. Especially if you seem to get much more fulfillment from dress making than practicing your Beyoncé riffs. You’re missing a small hint being sent to you.

I call these small phenomena, God tapping on your shoulder.

He doesn’t tap too often, but when He does, it’s an event that always stands out against the normal course of your daily life. It makes you raise your eyebrow. You may even get a quick, spine tingling chill. Most of us usually don’t even know what it means — just that it ‘felt weird’– but we do know that it felt kind of… good. This is the step forward to finding the answer you’ve been looking for. So, your best bet is to figure out why it’s weird, what this weirdness really means. And when you do… run with it. It’s something that’s been given to you, so take it and go.

I don’t need to say this, but pay attention to His taps. They’re never done by accident, and though the timing may feel terrible initially, they’re always done at the PERFECT time. I know you may not know what they mean, but keep track of these weird feelings. Because after a period of time, they WILL get more obvious and blatant. But after that… they may not come at all. You have to be willing to listen closely to what’s going on inside you throughout the course of your days. Listen to what makes your heart skip. Listen to how your body reacts to what you do on the weekends, as opposed to what you do during the week. Listen for the differences. Listen for the taps.

And most importantly, don’t ignore them. Don’t ignore Him.


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