The Beauty of Perfection

Perfection.. is a beautiful thing.

So it kind of saddens me when people recite the common saying, “No one’s perfect”. The inferred thought is that, no one should ever  even try for perfection because you’ll never actually be perfect. But fortunately, some people spend their entire lives trying to attain it, and some even rendezvous with death on the road to perfection. That obsession with it isn’t healthy nor do I condone it, but the elusiveness of perfection is what makes it so beautiful.

Just because something isn’t attainable, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try for it. I believe that, precisely because perfection isn’t reachable, anyone and everyone who expresses themselves or is pursuing their master work should strive for reaching that point. While it’s technically intangible, failing to meet it will still put you ahead of most people.

…what did Mr. West say? “Reach for the stars, so if you fall, you land on a cloud.”


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