Freedom is subjective.

Freedom for one person can mean an absolute prison for another, because everyone’s mind is different. Not everyone’s mind has been exposed to the same possibilities, and even if some have, not everyone values the same possibilities. And because of that, it’s important to respect when someone doesn’t see what you see. Conversely, it’s also important to respect when someone sees more than what you do.

One relatively difficult but necessary part of believing in your freedom, especially if you adopted it later in life, is retaining that belief amongst people who were around before it came along. These people are most likely close friends and family who, ultimately, want the best for and from you, but still expect that greatness to come from an unchanged set of belief and philosophies. Meaning, the ones they recognize from before these new beliefs came along. They have a hard time understanding that new life freedoms can only be had with new life philosophies.

Another restriction they unknowingly impose on you comes from them simply knowing who you are. Sounds odd because everyone knows you, but the take away here is that while they’re familiar with the current you, they’re not completely in tune with who you see yourself becoming, or who you need to become in order realize certain freedoms.

Acknowledge this, as it can be a crippling barrier, but realize that this is the point where you either do YOU, or not. That simple. No grey areas exist. You either go for that freedom or you don’t.


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