When you’re late to work, or just have things to do, rain is a ridiculous inconvenience. Everyone’s running, ducking for cover and dodging bullets. But when you have nothing to do and nowhere to be, rain is something much less intrusive and it just…exists.

There’s a beauty in rain that isn’t usually appreciated or captured by many people. It symbolizes so many things while only actually being one thing. Water falling from the sky. My favorite type of rain is the lazy and relaxing rain, the type that’s subjected only to gravity and whatever obstacle that exists between it and the ground. To me, this is a symbol of peace and tranquility, and it illustrates how possible it is to just exist, as a person among others. There are other entities that will always be near you, occasionally interacting with you, but ultimately it should be just that. Action by happenstance between the two, a byproduct of the two coexisting. Nothing pulling or pushing, just being. This way of being also minimizes conflict and negative friction between the two forces.

Driving rain is much less enjoyable, and always sort of reminds me of the anger and frustration in the world among people. Driving rain never lets you be. It has direction, it has force. There’s a lot of pushing and pulling. And because of that, when it comes down to how the water is influenced, gravity and obstacles aren’t the only factors anymore. Opposing winds have been introduced and they fight for custody of each falling raindrop. So there are a lot of sources of unfriendly friction that hinder any raindrop from freely falling, just as those angry and frustrated people tend to stop others from peacefully making it through the day.

If you can remember, pay attention to the next rainstorm and take it in. Emulate the peace. Observe the chaos. Watch how the rain just exists.


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