#AugustWritingChallenge – Day 1 – Money

People love to hold on to money. They don’t like to donate, loan, lend or even give a dime to a person in need. It’s understandable, though, especially in these unstable economic times. You’re giving money to this strange party who’s going to do Lord KNOWS what with this money they didn’t work for, so why bother? You’d use it better than they would anyway, right?

Probably. But why stress over what they’re doing with what was given to them? It’s up to them how they use the blessing. The important part is that you made and attempt to improve the life of that person, or add to that’s organization’s operational resources. You did your part in being the giver, and as such, your job isn’t to worry about the gift after it’s given. You gotta give and be gone!

I think it’s about how the person views money, in truth, and how they let the possession of it affect them. Money can be freeing to have and give, or it can be imprisoning because of the same things. However you view it will determine how good you feel about giving it as a gift, especially when what’s going to be done with it is immediately unclear. I happen to view it as freeing, so I give pretty generously.

…but right now, I probably won’t give you much more than this post.


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