#AugustWritingChallenge – Day 2 – Stereotype

As much as I hate stereotypes, they can annoyingly useful. I think it gives people a baseline for people to gauge others. I don’t mean prejudging, because I hate when people judge each other, but I think that people generally like to know things about people without asking. Stereotypes are more or less accurate for a lot of people, so they end up being useful. And fun, even! Especially racial stereotypes!

I have a feeling that my view of this may not be easy to agree with, but it’s because I like to people watch and pick up on things that give me details about people without the information being consciously given. Recon, if you will. So with respect to that, stereotypes answer a lot of questions right off the bat. I can’t completely fight them.

But if you don’t feel that way, fight me.

Just know that you’ll lose. Because I grew up in a rough hood. And I’m black. And I grew up in the hood. And stuff.




One comment

  1. I agree that stereotypes can serve a purpose at times when we put them in context. It’s funny how people swear by the saying “you are the company you keep” but then like to discredit any validity to growing up as part of a specific culture, region, neighborhood, group etc. Makes no sense.. I think that as long as we remind ourselves that stereotypes aren’t ALWAYS true, and to observe other factors first, there will be times when they will be of use

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