#AugustWritingChallenge – Day 3 – Connection

Connections can be confusing to the heart, especially when the prolonged absence of love tends to skew your perspective of people and situations. A new connection can start as a beautiful friendship, as if you’ve known the person for decades. But due to the absence of love, suddenly it becomes one of the most heartbreaking things ever. And in a way, it’ll be your fault.

The precursor to all relationships is a great friendship, and this what sparks everything. This person is beautiful on the inside and out, and the friendship is growing lovely. Amazing compatibility, all that good stuff. (Keep in mind your skewed perspective, though.) The sturdy foundation for an even more amazing relationship is there, almost calling you. But not everyone bites the bait. Namely, the people with the clearest vision don’t. Some may have other ‘options’, or are just not looking for that. Or, my favorite one, “We’re such good friends, I’ve never ruin that with a relationship!” Whatever the reason, they leave the friendship exactly at the level it’s at.

However, for the person who’s been away from love for too long, and has opened their heart relatively wide for love to reintroduce itself, this is a golden opportunity. Suddenly, this connection gets that much more exciting, and things that a normal person won’t think twice about, are now huge signs.

I think what happens here is that the altered perspective starts to present things with rosier tints and more positive expectations, when in reality, nothing is really out of the ordinary or should be taken too seriously. Tragically, the wide open person starts to build this image of the other person that is wildly exaggerated, with every aspect of them being enhanced, constantly. But once this goes on for long enough, the climax presents itself, and it’s all down hill from there. It’s like you’re both in the dark, and you’re the only person wearing night vision goggles

…with dying batteries.

So slowly but surely, what you’re seeing is becoming exactly what they other person has been seeing the whole time. And the worst part is, it’s been that dark, THE WHOLE TIME.

So now you’re pissed at yourself and slightly heartbroken, while the reality of it is that you’re the one who wrote the entire story, so you actually had the ability to write a better ending.

…maybe you shouldn’t have touched the pen at all and just kept reading as the words appeared…



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