#AugustWritingChallenge – Day 6 – Change

Change is constant.

Change is not always smooth. It’s not always pleasant. Remembering smaller caveats can help in coping with certain changes but man… Some solutions just are not immediately apparent.

The change I want to illustrate originates wayyyy back to when we’re introduced to the school system as kids. Starting from then, our lives are continually structured. We wake up and go to school, where we’re told there’s work to be done. Not long after that, we’re told there’s homework to be done and tests to be passed. Most of this structure, actually kind of depends on our academic success, so most of us do as we’re told.

When college hits, there’s a slight variation on what there is to be done, but again we’re given a structure to follow. We get a bit more freedom when we’re introduced to setting up our own schedules and time management, but that’s about as far as it goes. We’re given a way to live and learn, and we’re compelled to follow it. Some even get to live on their own while away at school, so there’s this experience of living on your own, providing your own meals, taking care of your own domestic duties, etc. And this becomes part of their norm. Part of their come up.

Over this long period of time, there’s also this feeling of constant advancement, and progression with graduating, moving and other steps that feel like they’re in a positive direction.

But one truth for a lot of graduates is that they move back home after school. And the structure that was once fed to them for close to two decades is no longer there. They’re not given the jobs they may feel like they were promised after so many years of schooling, and there’s this huge step backwards. The life they once lived and enjoyed as a young adult is now gone, and they’re living a life that they worked ridiculously hard to avoid. Some may even feel that they’ve been tricked.

THIS a very dramatic and very real example of what change is. A shift in normalcy, maybe even being thrown to the wolves. Suddenly, one set of rules and norms don’t work anymore and new ones need to be developed. Fast. The place between one norm and the next an unpleasant one and is usually rough.

But all things must come to an end. And if you’re someone in this boat, know that this too shall pass. It’s an unfortunate circumstance created another group of unfortunate circumstances.

Remember that the only constant IS change. So be ready for it when it comes.


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