#AugustWritingChallenge – Day 7 – Fear

I have to admit that I do not like writing about fear. That actually has nothing to do with fear, though.

It’s just that fear is such a… powerful thing. Up until you can identify its source. After that it’s… not necessarily a walk in the park , but it’s easier to dodge the trees that appear. It’s noticeably easier to deal with the fear if you stay focused on it.

…or avoiding it…

When I say identify the source of fear, it’s more than answering the question, “What are you afraid of”. That’s just where the rabbit hole starts. When you start asking the why questions, that’s when things get hairy. That’s when you realize you’re not actually scared of what people are gonna think of you. Instead you’re afraid of not being loved for what you do. Then after digging further, you realize that this is from a lack of love from your father and before you know it you’re sobbing on the floor with a box of Kleenex and…

Yea, it gets hairy. Granted, this is a hypothetical situation, but the search for the source of your fear can really have you that deep into your emotions. But once you find that, you’ll have something of a map to follow.

Or a clearer view of the obstacle you need to avoid.


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