I believe this: All the beautiful words that I come across on Twitter, Tumblr or wherever, the words that are just so carefully crafted and chosen and placed to be turned into lovely poems or phrases that attempt to measure, quantify and structure love and all the emotions that surround it… they’re all being left behind by the next woman I’m supposed to fall in love with.

Even if I’ve never seen some of these lines and phrases before, there’s a dull familiarity that I always feel when I read them. A notion that I know why this was put here. It’s that, with a combination of a feeling that I’ve felt before but haven’t known in a really long time. But I believe that only this person knows what to leave behind for me… knows what’s gonna make me smile, what’s going to make me chuckle a bit. She just knows… Obviously I don’t know who she is (or maybe I do), but she’s leaving a damn good trail for me to follow.

I also feel like the reason why I approach my expressions so poetically is because I’m purposely trying to send a secret message to her saying, “Yes, I’m following what you’re doing, I understand”. Just in case she stumbles across this.

Because maybe this is one of my breadcrumbs, too.



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