I’ve been thinking and writing about love a lot lately. Writing about how I miss it, how I love giving it. It feels new to me for some reason. Giving so much of it, I mean. That feels new. But because of it, being on the receiving side of it is feeling more and more foreign now, which sounds all wrong. I don’t know what it means. I’m a bit excited about it for some reason, giving love. It really and truly feels good to give people the love that you never got or are missing, as Mr. Kipp put it. I don’t ever want to feel like love doesn’t exist for me. It’s so important and valuable to me. So even if I don’t get the love I think I need at the moment, the important part is that I’m fully willing and capable of giving the love that someone else needs. That’s the part that I think truly counts. I’d much rather be the provider than the one in need.

Anyways, dear reader… You should know… that I love you. If you’re reading this and have ever or still are missing some kind of love, I love YOU. If no one has told you this today or in the past week or past month, or even the year… please, accept that I love you. I hope the love that has been overflowing from my heart reaches yours in some meaningful manner. Even if my expression means absolutely nothing to you. I just want the words to dance across your eyes and bring a smile or smirk or warmth. Everyone deserves to see and feel those words. They’re words and feelings that no one should ever be kept from seeing or feeling, no one. But… feel the words and know that you deserve to hear them, and you always have. I love you.

I love you..



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