New Things

Social networks are allowing for new types of connections. It seems a bit weird to tell someone that you love them when you’ve never met them in person or felt their touch. Is this a new type of love? Maybe a love that’s now removed from physical connection. Doesn’t sound good at all. I’ve written about this before, how too many people and things have become disconnected from their actual existence. But it’s starting to sound a bit anti-globalization in a way.


OK, so you fall in love with the words and poems and phrases that someone CHOOSES to put up on a website. You fall in love with the specific selection of pictures the person chooses to put up on a website. You don’t know how they smell, you don’t know what their walk looks like, you don’t know what their skin feels like against yours. But you have no qualms about how you feel about them. Might be a dilemma.

In actuality, these things become benchmarks for when you do meet them in person, whenever that may be, depending on the nature of the connection.

My story with this is that I met someone rather accidentally through a mutual friend. We spoke online and by phone for a very decent amount of time, but the nature of the connection was strictly platonic. To make a long story short, we ended up meeting in person and hanging out for a few days, but after that contact and I was COMPLETELY floored. I know nothing of her feelings, but I was absolutely in love, if I’m honest, but could do nothing about it because she had just recently gotten into a new relationship, and the guy she was with, whom I also met, seemed like a keeper. And I respect people’s relationships. The things we shared during that in-person contact that we hadn’t and couldn’t share over whatever other mediums turned out to be infinitely valuable and game-changing. That type of encounter was new for me because I didn’t go there expecting anything but a good time, not sex or anything, but there I was reeling from what was essentially a new-found person, and a few things I loved that made me fall head over heels for her. I was properly confused.

Thinking about it now, all this might not necessarily be a new type of love, but a new order of discovery of people. Speaking over these media sort of removes the apprehension that exists with meeting new people. I don’t usually have this problem despite being timid some days, but I can imagine that it helps out for those who do.

Either way, these are new things that people in my generation are getting used to and accepting as part of life. We can’t escape technology, no matter how much easier it makes our lives.


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