#AprilWritingChallenge – Day 1 – I contradict myself…

I think I contradict myself when I believe that I don’t have anything to write about. Then I get into the motions of writing and things start to flow out, like there’s a direct connection between my (un)consciousness and the keyboard. It’s a bit like vomiting.. sort of what I’m doing now, but then I come to the conclusion that I’m contradicting myself because I just wrote about not writing. So there’s always something to write about. And as a person who has (in my mind) yet to really find my sweet spot as a writer (as a profession also), that notion of not having a topic comes fairly frequently. To combat this, I figured it’s best to just write. Even if there’s no topic. No matter how silly my words may sound or how inconsistent the writing style may be or how much I’m hating it at the time or how shaky the thought train is. I just have to write. Because writers write.

Or they don’t. I don’t think I fully understand that as of yet but it makes enough sense to me for now.


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