#AprilWritingChallenge – Day 2 – I fear…

After all the shit that I read about dealing with fear and finding out what I actually fear, I’ve found that through trying to quell what fears I think are my own, I fear what other people tell me to fear. Or at least I tend to, temporarily.

But what I truly fear is coming to a point in my life where I look back and say, “Man… If I would’ve tried a little bit harder right then, my life would be way different/better.” I also don’t want to pass on opportunities because of fear. I remember learning a way to avoid making bad decisions from Marie Forleo and Steven Pressfield. They acknowledged that most large or risky decisions will undoubtedly conjure up a type of fear, but it’s important to differentiate those types. The two types were an expansive fear and a constrictive fear, one obviously good, the other bad, respectively.

The expansive fear is what you feel when you have a decision to make, and the instinctual, initial about the risk is one of unexpected but potentially positive progression. But nothing feels inherently bad about it because your mind tends to start running away with possibilities based off making that decision. Constrictive fear is just what it’s called, it’s that closed-in feeling you get when you’re faced with a big decision. In your mind, the risk in this decision limits what you’re able to do, and just feel immediately wrong when you try to sense how much it resonates with yourself.

So that’s my post. I’m terrible at ending posts.


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