#AprilWritingChallenge – Day 5 – If I won a billion dollars…

A billion dollars? MY GOD that is an incomprehensible and exorbitant amount of money…

But If I won a billion dollars, I’d spend a lot of it on paying back student loans. Not just my loans, obviously, but I’d pay the loans back of people I know. I can guarantee that. And I’d ensure my family was entirely debt free. too. That’s a must.

I hate debt.

I’d give a way a lot of it, though. I’d start a company or two first, buy a few pieces of secluded property and myself and a few of my dream cars (you knew this). But a billion dollars is just not a personal necessity for me. There are a lot more people who could benefit from it. Like, the Board of Ed.

Having acquired a billion dollars, I still wouldn’t be able to be picked out of a crowd as a ‘billionaire’. I’m not interested in being know for the money I have, and I’ve never been interested in the flashy side of that.

The Porshe and Aston I’d have wouldn’t help me hide at all though…

…I wonder why none of these billionaires have started a company that just pays off student loans for people who have graduated in the last 4 years. I know there’d be no immediate return on investment, but imagine how many people would be relieved of those shackles of liability? That would be a smart investment in the economy, no?



  1. Sometimes I think we are kindred spirits. A part of the proceeds of my business will do exactly this. Help pay off student loans. Someone needs to help free people from the prisons of their debt.

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