#AprilWritingChallenge – Day 10 – This summer…

This summer is going to be… interesting and revealing. I feel some transitions coming and I’m probably a lot more afraid of them than I’m willing to admit. I know they’re coming.

These changes aren’t involuntary, I just feel that it’s been too long of a time of dealing with the same annoyances and stresses. Some changes have to come, and sometimes purposely tripping yourself off the edge of the cliff will make you stretch those goddamn wings, quell that fear of flight and shed those stresses.

Aside from the existential thoughts though, I’m really excited for the beach this summer. Not as much for the water and sun as for the solitude and space for introspection (as if i don’t do that enough). I think it’s a good place to read, too. And the drives. Driving out to the beach, and substantial drives in general are just relaxing for me.

So yeah, this summer? Solitude and driving and reading.


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