#AprilWritingChallenge – Day 16 – The biggest issue in my community is…

I don’t think this is the most significant problem, but the biggest issue in my community is the amount of families that don’t exist. Or home owners. Or maybe just people who care about their property. When I was growing up, the families that were in the houses were actual families. The people who lived in the houses cared about their property, and made some type of effort to take care of it.

What I see now that I’m older, is what you could call ‘incomplete families’ renting space in these houses from a landlord who decides to clean up or do a bit of landscaping maybe once a month.

I know most of the root of this lies somewhere under the collapse of the economy and housing market, but it’s significant to me. There’s a pride in home ownership that kind of comes through in the way you treat your space. And it just seems to have been lost.

I think that on a larger scope, the overall impression of a community is negatively affected when this upkeep goes unchecked. Neglected is probably a better word, but either way this lack of care can have a huge impact on the value of real estate in the area.

Might be inconsequential to you, but I think it’s an important thing to deal with when you have a piece of land.

You can insert a shrug right here.


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