#AprilWritingChallenge – Day 17 – If I could get on a plane right now…

Ohhh, bitch.

If I could get on a plane right now, I’d …man. This is actually a bit tough. I want to go down south and say hi to all the fine women with the smooth southern accents, but I also want to go to Italy and wander somewhere around the Amalfi Coast.

The other place I’d go is England to enjoy the countryside. England and Italy have been the biggest international destinations I’ve wanted to go to, for a long time. The French countryside ranks high up there also.

Two main reasons why I like the countryside so much. They seem to have really good driving roads and a plethora of huge creepy houses (think Skyfall). Also. There’s a lot of room for seclusion.

(Do yo need a lot of room for seclusion?)

I remember the south being like that too. A lot of road and a lot of space to let the mind expand. And roads (I said that already). It’s gotta be a popular city though. Somewhere near HoustAtlaMiamOrleans.

I’ll take that.  A dirty south, pip-pip cheerio, voulez-vous, eye-Talian world tour. True.


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