#AprilWritingChallenge – Day 19 – The last great song I heard was…

Look… I love music. I love how technical it can be, how much it can resonate with your soul, and how inspiring it can be.

With that said, I can’t just pick one great song. I gotta help culture your minds too. So, one of the last great songs I heard was by Sufjan Stevens. It’s called, “Movement III – Linear Tableau with Intersecting Surprise.”

That’s a mouthful of a name, but when you listen to it, you’ll understand. It’s a song that’s technical to the point it’s almost predictable, but its organic nature urges you to grow with what seem like a living and breathing pace and intensity. It’s truly beautiful and masterfully layered. Eargasm.

Another great song is by the homie Nas, and it’s called “Cherry Wine”. This song is great because not only does it highlight what an exceedingly exceptional and reasonable man like myself would want in a soul-mate/significant other, it’s laid over a homely and soulful, and beautiful vocal sample of the late Amy Winehouse. Her scatting is entrancing and immaculate here. Such a comforting song.

The last song I’d like to mention is called “Freedom” and it’s by Anthony Hamilton and Elayna Boyton. It’s on the Django: Unchained Soundtrack. What I love about this song is how immediately timeless it is sonically and lyrically. It’s just forever relevant for people because we will always go through a struggle, no matter how subjective that term may be. The same frustrations are felt, and the same urge to get through it will exist. As it says in the song, life might not be very kind to you, but there always comes a point where the sun will shine on you, nicely.

And you’ll find freedom. It will flow through your veins.


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