#AprilWritingChallenge – Day 21 – Intimacy is…

Intimacy is special. Because intimacy is allowance. It’s you allowing someone into your personal space, and I’m not just talking physically. You’re also giving someone permission to enter a sacred mental and/or emotional space of yours.

What immediately comes to mind, as an introvert, is my space of thinking. I’m more familiar with my brain and how it tends to process things than anyone else is, so when I get the time and silence to get the gears working, I know what it takes. But allowing someone into the details of that process and the intricacies of your gray matter, that’s one of the highest forms of intimacy. It makes room for someone (hopefully someone you trust) to give input — the way that you’ve shown them you’ll allow it — and hopefully enhance the inner workings of your mind.

Intimacy is also letting someone into your emotional space. I’d argue that it is a bit more difficult to find a person worthy enough for this, because of how drastically different many people handle and process emotions. But when you do, it’s like finding a long-lost twin. That’s a feeling of true intimacy. But don’t think most people understand that expressing emotions and interpreting emotions are the biggest barriers to emotional intimacy. You want someone to understand how you express emotions, but you also want them to know what your expression actually means, and when.

There’s really just a lot involved in emotional intimacy. And in some cases, you might not even be in a relationship with the person who just, ‘gets’ you. They just speak your language and you speak theirs. It could actually be that simple.

Odd, but that simple.


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