#AprilWritingChallenge – Day 27 – Reality TV is…

Reality TV is not something that excites me. I’m more a fan of documentaries and car shows.

Reality TV can be something that lets you into the more hidden aspects of some pretty interesting people’s lives, but the trend that I constantly see is the drone of drama that plagues this type of programming. I’ll admit that it tends to be funny and can be quite suspenseful though, which is probably why following someone living a quiet life makes for a better documentary than television show.

I remember there was even a show about a car repossession business that had some insane and wild ass stories, but what was actually aired was a bunch of actor’s interpretations of what actually went down. The real repossessions weren’t filmed at all. I was almost enjoying that show until I found that out, and it pissed me off. I’m sure the show had good ratings, because it went on for a good while, but I though that it was a bit of a stretch to just do re-enactments of real life situations, for a reality show. Didn’t help me like the genre. It’s okay though, I’ll stick to sitcoms.

I’m good with the Golden Girls and Will & Grace.


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