#AprilWritingChallenge – Day 28 – I can’t let go of..

I can’t let go of the idea of love. True love, specifically.

The idea that there’s someone out there who will appreciate all my quirks and that I’m not afraid to be quirky around. I can’t let go of that silent, sit in the same room and share tea, and read kind of love. Can’t let go of that.

I think it’s because I’ve dreamt of it so much that I know it’s a possibility for me. Correction, I know that it is a future for me. I’m confident of that. I also think it’s because I’ve had meaningful relationships where I’ve felt that acceptance and love and silent confidence in it.

Confidence in love. It’s a weird feeling in that it’s not flamboyant. It’s not boastful, it’s not loud. It’s just there, and all you know is that you’re sure of it. That’s the idea of love I can’t let go of, because I know it exists. I’ve seen it before and I’ve felt it before.

Wouldn’t mind feeling it again, either.


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