In a Space

So I guess you could say I’m fresh off the writing challenge, even thought it’s been almost two weeks since I finished it.

Since I finished the challenge I’ve learned how uncomfortable I am NOT writing. It feels SO wrong, so fucking wrong. Like I’m robbing the world of my gift. I literally feel like a criminal. But it’s because I’m realizing that my writing is good. Really good, even. People enjoy it, and some may even need it at that particular point in time. So it’s necessary.

The end of the challenge has actually been the start of a good summer for me, because I’m feeling really good and I’m focusing on placing my happiness on simpler things. Things like waking up, the sun being out, the birds celebrating the start of another day, small beauties and achievements and just being able to exert more control over my life.

Speaking of which, I quit my job. Finally. I think I panicked over not having a plan more than just quitting itself but I’ve realized that I do know where I want to be at this specific point in time. I’m gonna revel in the lack of structure and see what discipline decides to create. Ironically, I’m a thinker and a strategist, so that’s where I’ve been focusing the majority of my efforts in terms of new employment. I’ve grown to understand that not every job out there is a piece of shit, just every job that I’ve had so far, more or less.

But I’ve spoken to a few people in my corner, as I always do, and they’re supportive. I do get mixed answers from them, because they’re different souls, but I love them all. Out of the heartfelt words they’ve given me, I’ve learned to follow what resonates most with my soul. And I’m still following what I set to be my new year’s resolution, which was to only do things that felt right to me.

It’s still working.


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