Standing Tall on Love

“No, stand tall before God” is what I heard as the cold water froze me even deeper into my meditation.

Let God know that you love yourself, that’s what she wants because she knows that people who truly love themselves tend to directly spread the seeds of love more often. The image and mere existence of someone vigorously practicing self-love lets people come to their own realization that it’s perfectly fine to be in love with yourself. Stand tall, straighten your back and show that confidence and love for yourself that’s growing within you. Show that self-love until it’s an involuntary action. Show that to God herself, and show it to the God in everyone you know and meet.

If we look at confidence in this way, it’s less of a preemptive show of force between people and more of an intimate communication and acceptance, of yourself and the other person. Your responsibility as a child of God is to show that you know that you are valuable simply because you are her child, and we do this through love. Feeling it and spreading it. We seem to lose this as adults, for one reason or another. But it’s never too late to stand tall and straighten your back before the creator. Even if that belief isn’t fully there yet, starting to put that foot in front of the other will being you on the path towards it.


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