Women Out of Your League and Stepping Up

You’ve gotta listen to the right things. There are two schools of thoughts that are constantly present in mine, and everyone’s head. There’s the ego and the spirit, and they both prattle on non-stop about decisions and how you’re supposed to feel about everything. The ego tells you you’re not good enough, the spirit knows and tells you that you have the capacity to be extravagant. I want to say I’ve experienced this many times with women, but I haven’t. I have only been in this situation once. That situation being, deciding whether or not to engage a woman and if she’s out of your league.

What I mean by this is that the ego is saying that this woman is has more things figured out than you, so she wouldn’t want anything to do with you. You’re not of her caliber, and any attempt to give chase is futile. The other side of that is your inner self telling you that not only should you give chase precisely because she has things to teach you, but also because you have things to teach and give her — that there is a beautiful possibility for a mutual exchange of gifts and love, so there is nothing to lose.

There are great women everywhere. Women great enough to ask to be wives. Great enough to be husbands for. It just takes the right belief.

Men need something to evolve for. We need something to solidify that there’s a greater good in growing. Maybe even growing up, for some.

Plainly, for a man to truly put his all in a relationship with a woman, he needs someone who he isn’t opposed to growing for. To put it more aggressively, he needs a woman with a presence and aura that forces him to continuously want to improve and grow and learn and die and be reborn. That aura is found in a woman who is after those same things for her own life and well-being.

James Brown was right, this is a man’s world, and it would be absolutely worthless without the women we love and cherish and who cherish us.



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