Pieces of People

Sometimes, you’re really only supposed to ‘have’ pieces of people. You know there’s that saying, some people are around for a season, and others are around for a lifetime, but I also think that you’re only supposed to get pieces of them, not always them in their entireties. Meaning, you can get just part of someone for a lifetime but you can also get a whole person for just a season, among other combinations. In the scheme and themes of paths, that’s just how things go, I think.

The dope part about it is that even if you’re just getting a portion of a person for however long, it doesn’t mean said portion won’t light a fire in you or change your life for the better. It just means that’s all you need from them. I think this is why we’re able to learn from people we’d swear we can’t learn anything from at first glance — there’s still a part of them that intends to further our growth.


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