(Mess)ages and Trade-offs

“Turn your mess into your message.”

That’s to say, use what you’re going through to help other people get through what they’re going through.

The way you express what you’re going through, what you’re learning from it and what you’re feeling during those times can be valuable to people. You don’t really know what words or phrases will help the next person through their trials. People around my age tend to have similar problems and stresses, whether it be with work, love, money or just life in general. That means we’re not really alone in any of these things. We’ve got each other whether we realize it or not. There are just so many social and personal barriers that prevent us from reaching out and operating within that vulnerable position.

My mess is something I created but I’m not angry at it. I do get frustrated, some days more than others, but I have faith. I know that I have faith. I feel it. It’s that one thing that’s not letting me give up. That faith is what tells me to sustain and keep holding on to that little inkling that there’s something bigger behind that last door that’s deep within the confines of the jungle of life. There’s something behind that door that has been telling me for years that I’m greater than what I’m working at, so I try to work harder and harder.

It’s a bit of an egging on in a way. A gentle and friendly taunting that gives you this bit of confidence at the cost of clearly seeing where you’re going to end up. It’s quite a trade-off, but I can’t say it’s not fair. That sounds about right, you’re trading a clear view of the destination for clearer signs that you’re on the right path.

Funny how it works. God’s kinda funny. But he’ll take you where you’re supposed to go, if you’re down to ride.


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