New Growth

One thing that’s been stuck on my mind recently was when I was helping my grandmother repot a plant. She’d kept saying that the pot is too small for the plant and it won’t be able to grow like it’s supposed to, no matter how much we watered it and such. Its growth is stunted. My grandmother has had plants for as long as I remember, so she’s the resident expert I trust.

Although It made sense to me, a vision of what she meant really didn’t materialize until we started to change the pot. What I had seen was that the roots of the plant had grown a lot but it really was only able to take the shape of the pot instead of reaching out further and further, and taking whatever natural form it pleased. That was how the plant had been limited. Its roots were crowding each other. There was not enough room for it to expand its underlying foundation, which in turn didn’t allow for the growth of new leaves.

My mind tends to pull the very basic parts of concepts and superimpose them on this here thing called life, to see what matches up. So what I had gotten from it was that from time to time, you’ve got to take inventory of when and how your growth is being held back, and why. If you don’t, before long you’re going to notice that you’re stumbling over yourself and tripping over your own feet. It becomes obvious that the grand visions and aspirations you have for yourself do not yet have the proper foundation on which to be built.

In the past, I’d write things like this without really having a practical experience to base it on. But I think that up to this point I’ve endured enough to write what I write to you with a bit more fervor and confidence. I’ve taken that inventory and seen that I was limited, and now I speak to you from a new pot I can stretch my legs in.

So in my trademark and most infamous metaphoric fashion, I just want to tell you to remember to change your pot periodically. Realize that if you’re stumbling and tripping, see what it is you’re actually falling over. It could be your own roots.

Repot accordingly, please.


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