Day 2 – Honest Aubrey – #JuneWritingChallenge #BlackMusicMonth

Drake is a bit of an anomaly in some ways. He’s a tough talker as a rapper, but never really gets into the business of ‘rap beefs’. I understand it about as much as I understand molecular fusion. It’s whatever though.

Because  BARS.

But seriously, he talks tough because he can actually back it up. With every new track randomly released on the interwebz, more and more screwfacing commences in the Twittersphere and blogosphere. Not to mention the really rappity-rap parts of his albums.

What I really do like about Drake is his (unfortunately) unorthodox honesty in his music. He really delves into strictly human feelings and thoughts about romantic relationships, success, public expectations and even parental relationships. Those types of expressions aren’t new by a long shot, but I think that him sort being on that millennial ‘cusp’ is what makes the perspective fresh, not to mention the fact he strives to stay as normal as he can. It’s weird, but I dig why he does it.

That part of him and his honesty are really what I appreciate about Aubrey the Drake, aside from his skill as a rapper. I think that’s what will take him even further than he’s come. Can’t ever go wrong with truth in music.

Honest Aubrey.


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