Day 3 – Jubilant Janelle – #JuneWritingChallenge #BlackMusicMonth

The booty don’t lie, y’all. The booty does not lie.

That’s what was exclaimed on a song my beloved Janelle Monae made with the Bae-In-Chief Erykah Badu. The song is inherently amazing.

But what’s even more fire is how much Janelle has evolved from her early days, back when she was toying with being more neo-soul than Archandroid. For those who do not know, Janelle comes from humble beginnings in Kansas but started the career we recognize today down in Atlanta.

My favorite part about Ms. Monae is the deliberate and unwavering attitude she’s had in growing from her first label-backed album to the current one. From her debut, this Electric Lady has been accused of not being girly enough and being too straight-laced and androgynous to being a James Brown copycat and lacking style, mostly because of her tuxedo-influenced getups and capes she wore during her energetic performances.

But she slyly held steady to the values and visions she saw for herself and has come out on the other side as a beautiful, high-energy, free-spirited artist with enough pull to get both Erykah and Prince on the same album. How dope is that? She also recently tore Governor’s Ball to pieces and looked immaculate doing it. Her energy and passion when she is onstage is really a sight to behold, and impossible to mimic.

Also, I love her.

Jubilant Janelle.


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