Day 4 – Witty Wasalu – #JuneWritingChallenge #BlackMusicMonth

Lupe Fiasco is that one internet troll who’s smarter than you, and it just so happens he can rap better than you.

He’s literally my favorite rapper, and it seems weird that I’m not stanning with caps lock on and exclamation marks, (not that I’ve EVER done that, like ever) but this really isn’t the time for that. His skills aren’t up for debate anyway, so keep your fucking mouth shut. 

Lupe deserves to be mentioned this month because he’s an interesting guy on top of being a sharp-tongued, top-notch rapper. He holds a few actual black belts, he’s a Ferrari collector, he’s called the president a terrorist at least twice, he’s always been for the betterment of people, and his freestyles are off the top. I don’t need much more than that in a world-class rapper, but for you achievement-hounds, he’s recently been inducted into the Aspen Institute’s Henry Crown Fellowship. Bong bong.

His music ranges from dealing with suicide, death of loved ones, societal constructs, and most recently cancer, and the wordplay (“is work, but pimping is easy”) is out of this world. He’s definitely one artist to check out this month, and I suggest you start from his Fahrenheit 1/15 mixtapes. Go ahead and get to deciphering those lyrics and see how clever he really is.

Just don’t tweet him.

Witty Wasalu.


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