A Return to Love

A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson


I was first recommended to get this book by a good friend of mine who raved about the book and the author, but I put it off like a fool. Then I came across this interview with Ms. Williamson and Marie Forleo and was BLOWN AWAY. I was a bit upset I didn’t listen to my friend sooner, but I know she’d be glad to know I’ve finally finished it.

This is one of those books that puts you in the space you’re supposed to be in to feel… happier, to put it simply. Marianne Williamson is filled with so many simple but powerful philosophies on love that are derived from “A Course in Miracles”, and she lays them out so easily in this book.

One of the more powerful examples is one of a man and his grief about his father never giving him many gifts as a child. She mentioned to the man that to cure this, he should give his father what he failed to get. In other words, instead of being angry about the gifts he never got from his father, give his father gifts. Simply put, “give the love that you never got”. It’s easy to follow and it actually garners some really amazing results in terms of satisfaction and general fulfillment, especially when it comes from a genuine place.

After reading this book, you understand the importance of giving and displaying love in all facets of life. It’s the one thing we all have that we have unlimited quantities of and the only thing that can save lives. Truly a great book and definitely a staple in my circle of books I read when I feel like I’m starting to lose my way. You’d do yourself a HUGE favor by picking this one up. Definitely recommend it.


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