As A Man Thinketh

This very short book by James Allen was originally written in 1902, although the version I have was published in 1979. I came across it in my grandmother’s room and it caught my eye because of its bright yellow cover, and the fact that inside the front and back covers was the handwriting from what seemed like a version of me that didn’t know how to write yet. Just a few letter “B”s meticulously yet still sloppily written. In a perfect world, this was me at 3 or 4 years old sending a message to the future Bran. That probably isn’t at all what the case is but this is MY damn website.

As A Man Thinketh reads a bit like a manifesto to the people who seem to have lost their mental footing when it comes to navigating life. It provides encouragement and certainty that you are undoubtedly the captain of your soul, master of your fate, if you maintain and operate with the mentality that your mind may not control everything, but it damn sure influences everything in your life. The overall theme is that to have positive and fruitful life, you must try to have positive and fruitful thoughts at all times.

It can be a fast read, despite being a reasonably dense book. The writing feels old and has a slight “Think and Grow Rich” feel to it, but it’s still surprisingly easy to grasp the few concepts Allen puts forth. Definitely a great read if you’re looking to find out how to gain more control over your thoughts without kicking your shoes off and going full Russell Simmons yogi.

Namaste and thinketh, my friends.


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